Kangaroo in the Classroom

How one teacher used Kangaroo mobile computing to keep STEAM students focused and engaged


Cindy Kohl is a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) teacher at Schoolcraft Elementary School in Schoolcraft, Michigan. Her students are taught the Project Lead the Way  curriculum, focusing on preparing and educating students on real-world applications of science and technology. Students work on engineering projects like building robots and using 3D design programs. This type of classroom required the ability for students to use multiple computers at a time, but due to overcrowding and wait lists in the school computer lab, Cindy was unable to work on the type of collaborative projects she knew her students needed. Bulky computer stations inside of the classroom were out of the question due to space constraints. After researching portable computers and small laptops, Cindy came across the Kangaroo Mobile Desktop Pro.

Cindy Kohl supervises students using Kangaroo PC for STEAM classroom project.

Cindy Kohl supervises students using Kangaroo PC for STEAM classroom project.


For Cindy, the Kangaroo Mobile PC was the perfect fit for all of the needs of her classroom. The small, portable size of the Kangaroo solved both the space and collaboration issues she was facing. Students were able to gather in small teams of three to four, with one Kangaroo PC per team, and use a fully-functioning Windows computer that they could hook up to any screen in the classroom. Being able to connect their devices to in-classroom projector screens and other displays through the VGA port was a huge advantage of the Kangaroo Pro.

The Kangaroo Pro’s price point was also appealing. At less than the cost of other mobile computers with similar specifications, Cindy was able to buy enough Kangaroo Pros to accommodate all of her students while also encouraging group work and collaboration.


Using Kangaroo Pro in the classroom has been a “total out of the box experience for classroom problem solving,” said Cindy, “if it hadn’t been for the Kangaroo, we would have missed out on so many learning opportunities.” Citing time constraints, limited school resources, long wait lists for computer labs and curriculum requirements as challenges for implementing her lesson plans, Cindy has noted that the use of Kangaroo Pro mini PCs has allowed her to work with her students on additional projects. Now using Kangaroo Pros in groups, students have been able to learn new skills such as coding with robots and 3D design.

Collaboration is the name of the game right now in education and Kangaroo Mobile Desktop Pro can help bring support to classrooms of all sizes. Learn more about Kangaroo’s pilot program for classrooms nationwide by emailing [email protected] and explore Kangaroo at http://www.kangaroo.cc/.